Rocking. Not Stopping.

With a fury theretofore unseen a little know band burst onto the early 1990s music scene. Within the span of a few short years the ever evolving "Slice O' Lime" transformed the face of music as we know it. Their technical achievements and category defying sound has gone on to inspire a generation of musicians and producers.

After a decade out of the spotlight "Slice O' Lime" returned to the studio to craft the album that would once again thrust them to the forefront of the satirical art rock scene. Their four year studio odyssey was longer and more arduous than anyone anticipated, but the outcome was well worth the struggle. The resulting album, 2008's "Barn Of Fun", is already considered a modern masterpiece. Widely hailed as the elusive reinvention of the form long sought but never achieved, it was only fitting that when salvation finally came it was from one of rock's most legendary bands.

Comprising a thematic unity rarely seen in a "Slice O' Lime" album, "Barn Of Fun" tackles headfirst the disfunction and hypocrisy of the post-modern world. Textures never before heard form a sonic tapestry weaving together threads of neo-paganistic Norse, Flemish bureaucracy, predatory fish, and orange pulp. It is a true binaural delight, highlighting an inescapable truth...

"Slice O' Lime" is back.

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