Released : 1991

Most of this album was recorded while the band sat around a tape recorder at Collin's house and struggled to learn how instruments work. Considering the limited recording equipment, this album's controversial backwards messages were a remarkable technical achievement. Nonetheless, the band soon felt that the tape recorder was holding back their creative vision and introduced the karaoke machine as a recording device on a few tracks.

Released : 1992

Chris Craig saw more action on this album which was recorded almost solely with the karaoke machine following the band’s whirlwind tour of Europe with a high-school German class. This album used the karaoke machine's limited layering capabilities to the utmost, providing new sounds and textures.

Released : 1993

This album marked the peak of stardom for the band. Creative possibilities previously unthinkable were now realized through 4-track and advanced foot pedal technology. Still refusing to be categorized, the band experimented with new rhythms, textures, and sounds. The result was so groundbreaking that audio technicians are still trying to comprehend it today.

Released : 1993

Haggard by countless months in the studio producing "Thoughts of Lando", the band just wanted to return to their roots. They opted to strip down to a three piece and record live with the most basic of equipment : a tape recorder, two acoustic guitars, and the subtly smooth vocals of Peter Nichols. A new phase Lime album, it was the throwback album that foresaw the popularity of today's "unplugged" albums.

Released : 2000

Aging and facing the prospect of ever dwindling royalties, the band released a long overdue greatest hits collection. The album was the first of a set of two releases in 2000 designed to drum up sales of their back catalog. A perennial best seller, "The Glory Years" has been a hit with the casual listener as well as rabid fan.

Released : 2000

The band's second offering of 2000 was an album of previously unreleased "lost" material. Lime fans were delighted to hear the haphazard collection of studio chatter, unreleased tracks, and b-sides recorded during the band's glory years.

Released : 2008

Feeling that technology had finally caught up with their artistic vision the band reunited in 2004 to record their most ambitious album to date. Harnessing the latest in digital technology, The Lime meticulously crafted a tight-knit sonic masterpiece. The album presented a unique vision of a dystopian world dotted with Flemish bureaucrats, Norse gods, and carnivorous fish. Upon release it was immediately clear that satirical art rock would never be the same again.

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