Lipless Joe

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Barn Of Fun
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In Boston it gets so cold sometimes.
You don’t know how cold it gets.
It’s important to keep your lips from getting so chapped
that they fall off.
For example
I knew a guy
who’s name was Joseph.
He talked real tough but he neglected to use his lip balm.
Now he’s sorry and psychotic.

Chorus :

Look out kids it’s Lipless Joe.
He’s gonna find you.
Lookout! (lipless joe)
A‘fore you ask where did his lips go?
May I remind you
Boston was 20 below.
You would’ve lost yours too
somewhere in the dirty brown snow
under a wino.
Lookout! (lipless joe)
Now he’s coming,
gumming for you.
The smack attack of chapstick-lack named... Joe.

He wouln’t go for all that faggot crap,
like skin creams and herbal balms.
It’s not like it wasn’t offered to him,
but he thought he’d tough it out.
He used to be a nice enough guy.
The ladies thought he was ok.
Now he kidnaps little kids and eats them,
with his cold teeth and lip decay.


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