A Fence In Belgium

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5 AM Monday morning
I should have been in bed snoring.
I should have found a-nother way.
To get my ass to work that day.

I was so tired. I was so sleepy
I was a wiped out little Petey.
I closed my eyes for just a moment
And then I found myself dozin.


Oh-oh boy look what you done.
You hit a fence in Belgium.
Oh-oh boy you'd better run
You hit a fence in Belgium.

I awoke to screeching tires.
And a crash in to twisted briars.
It was a nice fence until my hood
left only splinters where it once stood.

Fear gripped my better judgement
and I found my self runnin'
To the roar of diesel engine
In the rearview of my sin


On my mobile I took a call
There were G-Men in my Hall
I rushed home to the confrontation
And a drag down to the station

Under bright light in a dark room
I scrawled down my confession
Countless times I did repent
At the thought of that broken Belgian fence.



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