The Upper West

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Barn Of Fun
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Things are getting mean
and I'm getting upset.
I think I'll go and train
some bloodthirsty pets.

I prowl your streets
and your alleyways,
watchin' all your souls
so deep and depraved.


Hey hey hey hey.
Hey hey hey.
You've only got the robot devil to pay.
He owns your soul to your dying day.

I hit you in the front
and I hit you in the back.
Things are gone get wreck
when I get back.

Y'all's been chewing
on my power couplings.
Rock comes in pills
in six to a dozen.


Dreaming 'bout the things
in the New York Met,
while ridin' high class hos
in the upper west

Stickin' to my guns
in a world come undone.
Burnin' brighter than the sun
with crime thats such fun.


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