I'm, Like, Totally In To Wicca

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Karmic deeds
from one life to the next

A'in it harm none
Do what thou wilt

Mystic herbs
And coven words

Around the fire pit of church
Chanting shamanistic verse

The white moon among the stars
Exhaust ye all the witless scars

The consecration of sacred space
Don't prostlytize, just dedicate

A goddess in a velvet smock
That pointy hat sure does rock


You're such a gothic girl
When you're torturing those squirrels
And everything you do
Just grows my love for you.


I'm, like, totally in to Wicca
Cause you're the perfect druid queen
I'm, like, totally in to Wicca
We'll rapture all hallow's eve

Eight Sabbats and four for you!
Gerald died for your sins too.

Hekatee! The Pagan Path!
The werecats feel Satan's wrath

Ceridwen and Athena too
Oden tricked by Isian clues.

Neopaganistic Norse
But God's love hurts my worse.



Here ye my Star Goddess
Languish in dust and heavbing breast

Your feet drip sweat of heaven
Your barley is best unleavened

Moaning in sacred curse
Your body circles my universe

Your beauty is sweet green earth
The bodkin and the blackened hearse

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