Lady Rijbewijsen, Part 2

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So I had to prove that I was a resident of the US at least 6 months before September 10, 2001. Well, 6 months before that date I had been in the UK, and before that I had been in NY. But was that my "official" residence? Over here, there is a difference between your ID card and your license, and every time you move, you have to register with the town hall of your new town, and this becomes your new official address. In the US, of course, you can just move around. Did I ever register with anyone when I was in NY? No. Maybe I should have, but I didn't.

I got my boss to write me a letter (in Flemish) saying that I had been a resident of the US when I was given my US license. I took it to the lady at the desk marked "Rijbewijsen" or "driver's licenses". Next to her on the desk is a sign saying (in Flemish) "The language spoken here is

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